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What is Unity Network All About and Why You Should Join Our CommUnity?

About Unity Network

Unity Network is an education and training company for aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners. We educate Filipinos how to start, operate and grow an online business. Our core products are online training products and live event seminars.

We started in 2016 and founded  by Eduard Reformina. Our customers and members are entrepreneurs and small business owners. Some have been in business for years but majority of our customers are just starting out with their entrepreneurial journeys. Currently we have more than 40,000 customers and members.

VISION: Our vision is to create a community of Filipino entrepreneurs with the most inspiring success stories that will inspire more people to achieve their dreams.

MISSION: Our mission is to help hundreds of Filipinos become self made millionaires and thousands more to achieve financial freedom.

We will achieve this by providing our members with high quality education products, inspiring online environment and a lucrative business model.

You can view our core products below...

Learn how you can start a profitable business online...

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